Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Day 2664 - Cappy
Comic-Con starts tomorrow! I'll be at booth E-8 (towards the back wall near the end of aisles 600 & 700). Hope to see you there!

Here's a quickie done the other night as I took a break from Con-prep.


Norman Hundert said...

GREAT! .... :-D

Chris Ayers said...

Thanks, Norman!

Diana Levin said...

Hi Chris, I met you at SDCC. I like to share artists I like from time to time on my blog so I created a blog post about you and your work. Hope you like.Keep up the great work! :)

Chris Ayers said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Diana. Thanks for the kind words on your blog. I appreciate it! Have fun and good luck at your next show!

theartofpuro said...

Amazing:)Too funny:)