Friday, October 26, 2012

November 16-18: CTNx Animation Expo 2012

Just a reminder that the annual Creative Talent Network's Animation Expo (CTNx) is coming up soon in Burbank, CA. Once again, I'll be exhibiting Daily Zoo books, prints, and more. Stop by and say hi!
(Booth T-109). 

This will be the show's fourth year and each year it gets even more impressive. In addition to the many talented artists exhibiting their wares and doing demonstrations & panel discussions, a few of the special guests that are scheduled to appear are Glen Keane, Syd Mead, Michel Gagné, and Jean-Baptiste Monge.

If you are a fan of animation & design, I encourage you to check it out!

What: CTNx Animation Expo
When: November 16-18, 2012
Where: The Burbank Marriott Convention Center 
               (across from the Burbank Airport)
               2500 N. Hollywood Way
               Burbank, CA 91505

"I'll Chop Your Head Off!"

"I'll Chop Your Head Off!" is the battle cry of Axe Cop, the do-gooder protector of babies and unicorns and the nemesis of bad guys everywhere. He is also the hilarious creation of brothers Ethan (age 29) and Malachai (age 5) Nicolle. Malachai dreams up the stories, characters, and absurd scenarios that don't seem quite so absurd when told via the logic of one very imaginative child. Then it's up to older brother Ethan to draw the artwork and polish it all into one extremely entertaining comic book.

A year ago at Comic-Con, Ethan introduced himself - and Axe Cop - to me, saying that the Daily Zoo had been a source of inspiration for him and Malachai when concocting some of Axe Cop's adventures. The sample copy that he gave me was hard to put down!

A few months later, Ethan invited me to do a guest "pinup" piece for the back of Axe Cop's next collection of bad guy crushin' antics: Axe Cop Vol. 3. I was thrilled to oblige, but it was tough to choose who to draw from the great catalog of characters that he and Malachai have created. Should I do my interpretation of Dinosaur Soldier, Axe Cop's trusty partner? Or perhaps Sockarang - surely his lumberjack beard and tube sock arms (yes, that is correct) would be fun to draw? In the end though, it really was no contest. I settled on Wexter, Axe Cop's Tyrannosaurus Rex companion who sports shades and machine gun arms (and can also fly and breathe fire, of course). 

You can see my rendition below. And if you're in the mood for a good chuckle, or just want to remember what it was like having the limitless imagination of a 5-year-old, I highly recommend giving Axe Cop a try. 

Click here to visit the Axe Cop website.

Lucca Comics & Games: Viva il Zoo!

I head out soon to be a Guest Artist at the annual Lucca Comics & Games convention. Lucca is a small, medieval-walled city north of Pisa in beautiful northern Italy. An exhibition of my work, titled The Ayers Zoo, is on display at the historical Palazzo Ducale from October 20 - November 4. The show features over 70 pieces, mostly originals and many of which have not been displayed or published before. Additionally, there will be a video montage featuring some of my professional work done for the film industry over the past twelve years.

If you find yourself at the show and would like to say, "Ciao!" I will be doing a signing session each day of the convention (Nov 1-4) at the Design Studio Press booth (A702) from 11:00 to 13:00. I will also be doing some drawing/painting in the Live Performance Area (A611) on Thursday, Nov 1 from 15:00-17:00 and on Saturday, Nov 3 from 13:00-15:00. 

For those of you who can't make the exhibition or convention, here are a few of the new pieces on display. The Giraffa Robotica is from the upcoming Daily Zoo - Year Three, to be published next spring, and the lion and bison were done recently as a part of Year Seven.

Happy Halloween! (And New Poster)

Day 1726 - Munchasaurus Rex

I realize it's a little early, but seeing as I will be out of the country on the actual day of spooky tidings, this will have to suffice.

And "sadly," since I will be in Italy where the traditions of carving jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating have yet to really catch on, I will miss out on the festivities. 

It won't be my first time spending Halloween abroad, however. While studying in Florence for a semester in college, we exchange students had to create our own ghoulish festivities and costumes with whatever we could get our hands on. I can still distinctly recall walking through the piazzas on my way to the party, collecting a variety of strange looks and double-takes from passersby while sporting my homemade dreadlocks of uncooked rigatoni.

And speaking of strange looks and double-takes, you'll be sure to get those from friends and family when you adorn your office or home with the brand new Munchasaurus Rex poster! It measures 19" x 27" and each is hand-signed. Get yours today at my webstore, The Daily ZooMart. Only $10!!!