Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween! (And New Poster)

Day 1726 - Munchasaurus Rex

I realize it's a little early, but seeing as I will be out of the country on the actual day of spooky tidings, this will have to suffice.

And "sadly," since I will be in Italy where the traditions of carving jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating have yet to really catch on, I will miss out on the festivities. 

It won't be my first time spending Halloween abroad, however. While studying in Florence for a semester in college, we exchange students had to create our own ghoulish festivities and costumes with whatever we could get our hands on. I can still distinctly recall walking through the piazzas on my way to the party, collecting a variety of strange looks and double-takes from passersby while sporting my homemade dreadlocks of uncooked rigatoni.

And speaking of strange looks and double-takes, you'll be sure to get those from friends and family when you adorn your office or home with the brand new Munchasaurus Rex poster! It measures 19" x 27" and each is hand-signed. Get yours today at my webstore, The Daily ZooMart. Only $10!!!


- ieuan protheroe - said...

Man this is soo nice to look at, your lighting's beautiful dude :D

Chris Ayers said...

Thanks, Ieuan!