Friday, July 15, 2011

Drawin' Up A Storm at UCLA Children's Hospital

This past May I was once again honored to draw with some of the young patients at UCLA Children's Hospital thanks to the invitation of the Lollipop Theater Network. I vividly remember during my fight with leukemia how wonderful a distraction drawing was to the pain, discomfort, and daily grind of being a chemo patient. My hope was that we could give some of these budding young artists the same distraction, along with a healthy dose of laughter and fun. Judging by the smiles we saw and the number of spent crayons and markers, I'd say we did just that.

In the photos below, the patient wanted to draw a mutant frog-man superhero (no surprise there if you check out all the superheroes he has hanging on his wall!). He followed along line-by-line as I drew a quick cartoon. The last one shows our finished heroes, ready to fight for justice one giant leap at a time.

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Tania 'Doodlezilla' Vincent said...

I used your book to draw with some children in my local hospital and they loved it. The ward is now covered in animals. :)