Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well folks, in a few short hours I'm boarding a plane for Italy to exhibit at the annual Lucca Comics & Games Festival. I only discovered I was going a few days ago when my publisher, Design Studio Press, needed a last-minute replacement to operate their booth. So, if you happen to be in Tuscany this weekend, please stop by the booth and say hello! The show runs from Friday, Oct. 29 - Monday, Nov. 1.

Where: Lucca, Italy
When: Fri. OCT 29, 2010 - Mon. NOV 1, 2010
Hours: 9am-7pm
I will be at the Design Studio Press booth near the entrance of the big gaming tent. Stand Nr A023, Magazzino Merci - Viale Carducci


Kendra Melton said...

WOW!! That's fantastic, have an AWESOME trip!

Fainder said...

(Weird enough, I hadn't added this blog to my feed reader yet, taking care for it now)
It was very nice meeting you there, I admire your work a lot and I'd never tought I'd be able to talk to you personally one day.
I've been told you were drawing in the performance area this afternoon, I was very sorry I could not be there to see!

Bea said...

I was there ^^
I'm the girl who wanted the platypus/squirrell thing in the volume two of the dayily zoo! :)
Thak you soooo much, your art is amazing and such an inspiration for me!
Just a great man and artist, thank you again ;)


Chris Ayers said...

Ciao tutto!
Kendra: Thanks, it WAS an awesome trip. Hopefully I will manage to get to Sketchclub one of these weeks to tell you all about it. Are you still going?
Fainder: Molto piacere! Good luck with your art. I will check out your work once I unpack my suitcase and find your card. Drawing in the live performance area was a lot of fun - I'm glad they invited me to do it! Hope to see you at Lucca next year.
Bea: Yes, I remember the platypus/squirrel request! Grazie mille for your kind words and stopping by the booth. É un piacere per me. Hope to see you again next year at Lucca!