Monday, March 15, 2010

Sketch Club - Missing the Mark

Here are a few more sketches that were a result of hangin' out with the Sketch Club gang. During each lunchtime drawing session, the group picks out The Mark, an interesting looking person who we are all supposed to draw from memory later that day. I have not had much luck so far in successfully achieving this. Either I've had to leave the group before a mark was selected, been too busy to do it, or - as was the case two weeks ago - have been too engrossed in conversation with another Sketcher that we completely missed the mark when she walked by...twice. So that's the other image posted here, me and Omar "Missing the Mark...Again."


Lesley Vamos said...

I love the guy at the top - great expression! ^_^

Chris Ayers said...

Thanks, Lesley. Nice work in your DA gallery, by the way!

Sarah Huisken said...

love these! The one on the bottom looks like something I would totally pay for.